Friday, May 25, 2018

The Cabinet of Treasures

Dear Fallen Libertine,
With my wishes for an Eggcellent Friday,
Alia Baroque

~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 63 "Chronos" 
Collectable Egg N.63 (5li.) - Stand (3li.) Included - Copy/NoMod - Beam On/off
IMPORTANT: by Purchasing this Special Egg you will Get A Notecard Update whenever and only when a new Collectable Egg is available -  Regular Sale / 30L$

~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 64 "Carmina, XVI" 
Collectable Egg N.64 - li.9, Copy
Special Edition. Home & Garden expo 2018 - Sale to Benefit RFL of SL / 150L$

~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 65 "Gratia" 
Collectable Egg N.65 - li.7, Copy or Transfer by request - In collaboration with MeadowWorks
Special Edition, only Two Max. Copies Available every Year - On Silent Auction to benefit RFL of SL (Location SLurl Still awaiting setup by Expo Team)

~Libertine~ Cardinal Virtues cabinet 
Includes: Cabinet (12li), Automatic/non-automatic Doors
Copy/modify - Materials - Ideal for Libertine Egg and yule Collections (Sample Items on shelves NOT INCLUDED) - Regular Sale / 480L$

Your carriage:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A Special Invite

A special Gift and Invite for a Fallen (group Gift), for a Libertine (Major sets Patrons) and for a Homeless (Owners of Villa Maestrale Keys). Hope you enjoy and thanks for your support,

Your carriage:

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Libertine Expo, 2018

Dear Fallen Libertine,
Excuse my usual late notice, but we are indeed glad to invite you to this year Home and Garden Expo: no formal attire needed, just a good wallet to support our favourite charity and an open mind towards the depravity of soul and sense.
...but my dear fallen libertine, there are indeed things that you requested, more things that were lost and are back, filled with the scent of roses, and special things that just one can achieve.... and dear fallen libertine, there's even out of season things for those that are enamored with the fir and the bells.

So come visit the new garden and retreat, full of promises I never maintain and perhaps gifts you might be lucky to find. With the hope of a pleasant stay,
Alia Baroque

And if you are into Eggs, there will be Eggs.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

An Eggcellent Libertine Saturday

Collectable Egg Specials are available at the Faire as Charity donation items, and two very special ones are on Silent Auction that ends today at 5 pm slt. Hope you enjoy,

SLurl to the Silent Auction site
And remember the Faire is open until May, 7th!

Preview the Egg live at Aetherea/ SLurl

Friday, December 22, 2017

~Yule Season 2017~ Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine

Dear Friend and Fallen,
You are invited to join and visit the Celebration and Gifting Season at the Temple, Yule 2017 is here! With themed Events, Gift sharing and Ice warmth, Fallen Gods Inc. and Libertine wish you a wonderful Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Alia Baroque

Yule Season 2017 Schedule

Saturday, December 23
12.30 pm slt -  Tinies from Raglanshire Caroling
1 pm slt - Gone Caroling, The Night Theater performance
Friday, December 29
12.30 pm slt -  Tinies from Raglanshire Caroling
1 pm slt - Gone Caroling, The Night Theater performance
Saturday, December 30
1 pm slt - Traditional New Year Penguin Fishslapping Good Luck party
Sunday, December 31-6
1 am slt - The Official Group will be closed to Join and a special Group Gift will be shared

The Holiday Season, Gifting and Tree Gachas will be available:
December 22, 2017 -  January 15, 2018

~Fallen Gods Inc. Gifts~
A Merry Heart Tattoo in various colors: Metals, Colors, Rainbow and White can be found in different locations, events and Friend's Trees. The Yule Gang face tattoo now include Omega appliers and are a complete set! The Ode to winter tattoo might appear in the next days under the tree as well, while the Winter Breath is back for you to freeze the air.

~Libertine Gifts~
A Libertine Christmas is back: bringing you a long-awaited Tree Update, many new ornaments, tree enhancements and a new incoming Gacha!(to be released soon at the main store) Free Ornaments can be collected at Events and under Friend's trees.

 ~Current Events~
Click the Logos to visit the events and get their SLurls.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

XXXII. Redeux, October MMXVII

Redeux October is live, lasting just the week 14-21 of October. A range of creations at half price or peanut price, Including the Goth Marquis available only at this time of the year. The Fallen Gods Inc. booth is also present, for a list of items and previews check the post here. As usual there's also gifts and gachas, some even with a discounted pull.
Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

XXXI. In praise of Bacchus

A week ago I was getting ready for a release at a new event I am part of called "The Secret Affair", a themed event which talks about Cults this month and I Am honored to be in because held by a great group of organizers. Sadly I screwed up big time so I had only a few decor pieces ready at the opening and a gift for the visitors while waiting for the whole to be completed.
The Praise of Bacchus Set is here, a roman inspired Lounger with themed decor I've been working, brainstorming and assembling been more than a year. The Set is available at the event for sale but there's also additional showroom locations for you to try them out, there's a new posing and texturing system on which I hope you will enjoy.

SLurl The Secret Affair

SLurl Libertine Main Showroom / Moderate
SLurl Libertine Zindra Showroom / Adult

"In Praise of Bacchus"Complete Set Includes: Lounger, Mature and Adult versions (9li), Texture Change / Rezzers with setup for a total of 55li. ready in a click (as seen in picture)/ Lounger Summary Specs: 35 Female sits, 29 Male sits, 46 Cuddles, 5 Vampire, 14 Foreplay, 13 Oral, 49 Action; variety of given props / The Following complete Decor packs: Bacchanalia Serve, Amphorae “In Decadentia Veritas”, Roma Antica Divider, Animal Throw Fur Rug, Houseplants of Rome, Triclinium Necessitates / yes copy, no mod and no transfer. (Most Decor is mod) / Free Updates.