Saturday, August 17, 2019

La Favorita & more Libertine's

To soothe the wait for new Eggs and Villas, here's a new seater that includes all of the usual Libertine customization and animation perks. Made in collaboration with Atelier Visconti, La Favorita is an original mesh furniture piece open to many uses, placements and appeals. It's currently a new release at ROMP where you can test it for your own pleasure. In addition, more Libertine new released decor pieces are discounted at Redeux, 50L essentials for your decoration enjoyment plus Fallen Gods Inc. Autumnal genetics to get your dryads on before the season of red leaves starts. 
Hope you enjoy, 

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Merry Redeux

The most festive round of Redeux is live just this week with winter and seasonal deals, new releases and special treats and gifts. Hope you enjoy,

Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Libertine Christmas 2018

Dear Libertine Fallen,
The new Libertine Christmas Gacha set is out and you can find it in a number of locations below. Free copy balls are available in many other locations, under friend's trees and events. I hope you'll enjoy and have a lovely time decorating this year,

IMPORTANT: To use the Decorations you need 2017 Update 3.0 (No need for a recent update)
More about the Yule season here

Gacha Locations:
Temple Showroom /Teleport
Libertine Sky Showroom / Teleport
Redeux Teleport
Winter's Hollow / Teleport 
Twisted Krissmus / Teleport 
Dandelion Winterdreams Factory / Teleport

The complete Gacha Includes: 2 RARES, 49 commons, 1 secret.

GLASS BALLS PACK: 18 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive, standalone and decor Ribbon, Display, high display, wreaths, nature wreaths, broken (modify)
SILK BALLS PACK: 7 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive, standalone with Holly and Ribbon (modify)
DIORAMA BALLS PACK: 4 versions, all commons
Includes rezzable Diorama ornament and invasive wearable Diorama ornament (with resizer)
RIBBON PACK: 7 versions, all commons
Includes Bell Ornament and, Frame Ornament with two ribbon styles (modify)
CANDLE PACKS: 4 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive and decorative (with resizer)
TOPPER PACKS: 1 versions, common
Includes Interactive and standalone, enables music on tree and as standalone decor.
FURNITURE: Decorator's Stool, 7 commons and 1 rare
Luxury Edition RARE: Includes Texture change system (All 7 textures) - Female single sits (11), Male single sits (11), Seasonal single animations (7), Couple animations (25), Adult foreplay (5), Adult action (11)
Color Commons: Includes Female single sits (6), Male single sits (6), Seasonal single animations (7)
DECOR: 3 items, 2 commons, 1 rare, 1 secret
Ornament's Heirloom Chest (RARE) and Empty Chest.

Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine Gifts differ in each location
There are a few gifts that are the same in each location, but a few change and those are Libertine Baubles and a few set of Fallen Gods Inc. Tattoos. An additional set of gifts is this year's Yule Thoughts that also can be found in different locations, see previews below.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Christmas Expo

Today is the last day of this year Christmas Expo to benefit RFL of SLwith new creations, a special showroom, and display. All new releases are to benefit the Charity and there's great themed sim to explore for just one day. With the hope you'll enjoy,

News About the Gachas: They are almost ready to go, am currently away for Saint Nicholas and will have them ready in a few days after my return.

The Christmas Expo / Teleport 
Website Link
Official post about Fallen Gods Inc. and Libertine Yule Season 2018

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Yule Season 2018

The Season of warmth, family and quiet festivity has started. Yule has come to the Temple in silence on the first of December: first, the Pool iced bringing all the animal families and snow, then penguin helpers kept zooming allover moving boxes of ornaments and setting up tables with hot drinks, tasty treats, and surprises. In the end, the Tree was brought and gifts started to appear, and they will keep appearing until Christmas Day so be sure to keep checking if new ones arrived.
Group notices will be sent during the Season on a weekly basis with updates on new gifts, events and locations with Friendly Trees, a handy schedule is also present at info arches, near the Tree and on this post and as usual helpful Fallens are in the group to give you a helping hoove.
There is more in-depth information about all happening below, check each section you are interested. The Season is here and I hope you will have a warm and happy one,
With my Best Wishes,
Alia Baroque

Teleport to the Temple

The Giving Circle: Gifts under the Tree
Every Year I and some friends decide to exchange gifts under each other's Tree. There is no deadline for that and we try to use this as a way to catch up and give our best wishes to each other. Gifts appear slowly under trees and are simple tokens of gratitude towards what good comes in our lives, giving back and forward so we can receive, in any form.

Friend Trees & Gifts locations (updated 17/12)

Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine Gifts differ in each location
There are a few gifts that are the same in each location, but a few change and those are Libertine Baubles and a few set of Fallen Gods Inc. Tattoos. An additional set of gifts is this year's Yule Thoughts that also can be found in different locations, see previews below.

Special Events 
Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine participate in a series of special events that also have Gifts and new releases. Single notices are going to be posted about each, but here's a fast list of all the events that are or will be featuring the brands.

Twisted Krissmus / Teleport Link to post
Dandelion Winterdreams Factory / Teleport / Link to post
The Epiphany / Teleport / Link to post
The Liaison Collaborative / Teleport /  Link to post
We Love Roleplay / Teleport / Link to post
Winter's Hollow / Teleport / Link to post
Redeux Teleport / Link to post
The Xmas Fair / Teleport
The Christmas Expo / Ended / Link to post

Caroling Tinies 2018

Caroling Tinies
By tradition, the Temple hosts the best Carolers on the grid: Tinies from Raglanshire, and this year we are honored to have them perform twice!
Saturday 15, 12pm (noon) slt
Saturday 22, 4pm  slt

A Cheer for the Elves, Theatre Performance
The Night Theater will be performing for us a special new Christmas themed show, A Cheer for the Elves, on Saturday 29 December at 12pm (noon) slt (Superawesome poster by Aelva)

Fishslapping Party
The Traditional Good Luck Fishslapping Penguin party at the beginning of the Year to bring good luck and herrings. Link to post
Saturday 5 January, 1pm slt

UPDATE New Year Special Skin Deals 
New Skin sets will be released on the 5th of January and will be available for the Group only until the 10th. One set will be discounted 100% and one 50%, for the duration of the promotion the group will be CLOSED to Join. You won't be able to join the Group until January 10th, so be sure to not leave the group before the promotion starts on the 5th.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Magnum Opus

A new Special Edition Egg is available as a Prize for the Quasar Hunt to celebrate Fallen Gods Inc. 11th Anniversary. Hope you enjoy,

For more information about the Hunt check this link:

This Egg will be available for sale during Fantasy Faire 2019 as a charity donation item just for the length of the event.

Friday, May 25, 2018

The Cabinet of Treasures

Dear Fallen Libertine,
With my wishes for an Eggcellent Friday,
Alia Baroque

~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 63 "Chronos" 
Collectable Egg N.63 (5li.) - Stand (3li.) Included - Copy/NoMod - Beam On/off
IMPORTANT: by Purchasing this Special Egg you will Get A Notecard Update whenever and only when a new Collectable Egg is available -  Regular Sale / 30L$

~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 64 "Carmina, XVI" 
Collectable Egg N.64 - li.9, Copy
Special Edition. Home & Garden expo 2018 - Sale to Benefit RFL of SL / 150L$

~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 65 "Gratia" 
Collectable Egg N.65 - li.7, Copy or Transfer by request - In collaboration with MeadowWorks
Special Edition, only Two Max. Copies Available every Year - On Silent Auction to benefit RFL of SL (Location SLurl Still awaiting setup by Expo Team)

~Libertine~ Cardinal Virtues cabinet 
Includes: Cabinet (12li), Automatic/non-automatic Doors
Copy/modify - Materials - Ideal for Libertine Egg and yule Collections (Sample Items on shelves NOT INCLUDED) - Regular Sale / 480L$

Your carriage: