Saturday, January 31, 2015

XXV. Justine Released

Dear Libertine, 
It's been 4 years since my first release, the Marquis Set, and finally I have the pleasure to present you a new creature of mine: Justine. But who is Justine?
A servant of your pleasure, an embracing lover, a dominating Queen: limited only by your imagination, Justine provides shelter of senses to 12 individuals that can divide themselves in 5 play groups of which two accomodate 3. 
Justine is a dome, a group coven, a playground or a home port. Only you can define how she will enrich your second being, only you can give her life. Choose the way you wish Justine to speak and she will accomodate you, with the best wishes of many good moments from your Blind game master.~Libertine’s Justine will be enabled with more colours in future updates.
Hope you enjoy, 

Alia Baroque

Libertine Main Showroom:

ADULT Libertine's Justine Playroom (Zindra)

More Previews:

Here under is a documentary in 6 parts about why it's called Justine and further down a view on sexuality and erotica I share with a ted talk, good watch and good SL fun!