Friday, March 25, 2016


The Magic of Oz  Spring Hunt is back, this year with more eggs to collect and gifts for you. I am honoured to be part of the Market year long of the land that gave birth to Ozimals and for the third time of this fun Hunt with a whole collection of New Releases available just at the Oz Market and two gifts for the Hunt itself.
Hope you enjoy,

A Guide for Collectable Eggs:
I am planning some kind of catalogue or guide soon, but so far know this is the list of eggs:
1. "A Heart Expo" (Delivered to existing Libertine customers during Valentine's Day 2016)
2. "Odyssey Egg" (Available as End Prize for the Twisted Hunt 2016, ongoing)
3. "Ladybun's Egg" (Personal Gift from me and only one copy ever issued)
4. "The Magic of Oz" (Gift for the Magic of Oz Spring Hunt 2016, ongoing)
5-26. "Spring Eggs Gacha 2016" (Released at Magic of Oz, permanent)