Wednesday, September 20, 2017

XXXI. In praise of Bacchus

A week ago I was getting ready for a release at a new event I am part of called "The Secret Affair", a themed event which talks about Cults this month and I Am honored to be in because held by a great group of organizers. Sadly I screwed up big time so I had only a few decor pieces ready at the opening and a gift for the visitors while waiting for the whole to be completed.
The Praise of Bacchus Set is here, a roman inspired Lounger with themed decor I've been working, brainstorming and assembling been more than a year. The Set is available at the event for sale but there's also additional showroom locations for you to try them out, there's a new posing and texturing system on which I hope you will enjoy.

SLurl The Secret Affair

SLurl Libertine Main Showroom / Moderate
SLurl Libertine Zindra Showroom / Adult

"In Praise of Bacchus"Complete Set Includes: Lounger, Mature and Adult versions (9li), Texture Change / Rezzers with setup for a total of 55li. ready in a click (as seen in picture)/ Lounger Summary Specs: 35 Female sits, 29 Male sits, 46 Cuddles, 5 Vampire, 14 Foreplay, 13 Oral, 49 Action; variety of given props / The Following complete Decor packs: Bacchanalia Serve, Amphorae “In Decadentia Veritas”, Roma Antica Divider, Animal Throw Fur Rug, Houseplants of Rome, Triclinium Necessitates / yes copy, no mod and no transfer. (Most Decor is mod) / Free Updates.