Thursday, November 10, 2011

V. Why Libertine

Dear Libertine,
My furniture is the result of a research and building which lasted more than a year while trying to satisfy my own needs and requirements. As a customer I passed this last 4 years searching for the perfect chair, couch, decor, and even if many were close to what I had in mind they would always lack something I wanted from them.

This is the reason why I created a very simple list of what I want and don't want:
~ A wide selection of male sits, not only female ones, that I know they are going to make me look good.
As we choose our AOs I think we shall have the same freedom in chosing a sit without having to relay on our overriders that usually makes us sink into chairs. This is why I personally chose male sits and had my girl chose female ones.

~ A big selection of couple sits and cuddles. I know that without a good introduction and atmosphere you are never going to hit those foreplay and action menus. Always good to have more possible starting points.

~ Cuddle, Foreplay and sex animations not going to make me look as a constipated puppy moving into compulsive mechanic sways; on this purpose I chose only quality animations and took off completely any facial animation, except those needed for hungry girls.

~ A simple to use Menu with easy names I can remember without having to swirl avatars all around before I find the right one and get flooded with props and adds of any sort (to not mention killing slightly the mood)
Let's admit it, whenever we are going to just cuddle or go for action not always we are fresh as roses, sometimes is late at night, and anyway my memory sucks so for me that was an issue. And if you are into a one night stand you really wish to avoid looking as an idiot.

~ A D/s and M/s aimed selection of animations, but not specifically and only, allowing any kind of option and situation, from vanilla to lifestyle.

~ Late 1600 to 1700 Baroque style with a twist, with a warm and cozy feel and rich decor, but also keeping in mind it can look good also in men single homes or clubs. Plus carefully crafted props, that I am not going to decline each time or delete when it goes rezzed.

~ A friendly Prim number, remembering when I used to have my own personal home in RP sims and dealing with choices. (bed or living room?)
Luxury has not necessarily to be prim heavy.

~ Big men with long legs friendly sized.

I am not implying this is how things shall be, it's simply my own preference and by chosing to share it I hope it might be closer to yours too.