Friday, February 24, 2017

XXIX. To Gift and to Help

Fallen Gods Inc. is happy to Introduce a range of Gift Card Sets that Include special bonus Decor items, Collectable Eggs and Decorated Boxes. Sets are fully Transferable, Boxes are Modifiable and each tier, depending on the cost of the card, has different contents which you can see in the graphic in the upper right of this image.

In addition to the Gifting System the Help and FAQ Page has been consistently updated and will be maintained on the website instead of inworld notecards due to easier management and updating.
A Quick link to the page is here: or on the right menu of the website.
It can also be reached from two Info books at the Temple Entrance and at the main info board.

In addition to that I finally proposed to Sonya and she is now officially my Customer Care, CSV, Assistant and Helper, so for any assistance concerning my creations & event invites she will be the one to contact. Since she just started those first months will be slower and I will be involved in giving her feedback but I count in the future to completely delegate that part to her.
The reasons why I again hired help, as I had Elizabeth in the past, are a few: mainly the time consuming hours every day to assist customers, that slow consistently my creation pace and peace, in addition to the fact that I tend to travel a lot so having someone that can promptly help customers in timely fashion inworld while I am lost in some kind of forest or sea, it's important to me.
I wish to help and make my customers satisfied, if you are happy with my creations I am happy to create; focus disruption though is a killer for my productiviy and overall enjoyment in creating in Second Life, this is why I hired a Bunny so I can have more tranquillity at work.

Thank you for your Golden Patronage with the hope you will enjoy the service provided,
Alia Baroque

Sunday, February 19, 2017


“You see that God deems it right to take from me any claim to merit for what you call my devotion to you. I have promised to remain forever with you, and now I could not break my promise if I would. The treasure will be no more mine than yours, and neither of us will quit this prison. But my real treasure is not that, my dear friend, which awaits me beneath the somber rocks of Monte Cristo, it is your presence, our living together five or six hours a day, in spite of our jailers; it is the rays of intelligence you have elicited from my brain, the languages you have implanted in my memory, and which have taken root there with all of their philological ramifications. These different sciences that you have made so easy to me by the depth of the knowledge you possess of them, and the clearness of the principles to which you have reduced them – this is my treasure, my beloved friend, and with this you have made me rich and happy. Believe me, and take comfort, this is better for me than tons of gold and cases of diamonds, even were they not as problematical as the clouds we see in the morning floating over the sea, which we take for terra firma, and which evaporate and vanish as we draw near to them. To have you as long as possible near me, to hear your eloquent speech, -- which embellishes my mind, strengthens my soul, and makes my whole frame capable of great and terrible things, if I should ever be free, -- so fills my whole existence, that the despair to which I was just on the point of yielding when I knew you, has no longer any hold over me; this – this is my fortune – not chimerical, but actual. I owe you my real good, my present happiness; and all the sovereigns of the earth, even Caesar Borgia himself, could not deprive me of this.”
― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

A new Gifting set, a new release accompanied with a special participation deal for 35L$ Sunday.
Hope you enjoy,

Saturday, February 18, 2017

XXXVII. Days after Valentine

For everyone there's Valentine, for all the other days there's Libertine; "The day after Tray" set has been gifted to all major set Patrons while it's also discounted half price and just released for 30L's 7th Anniversary. There's also a gift, open to interpretations.
Hope you enjoy,

SLurl to the Event

// Update shipments were also sent yesterday to the owners of the Viscount Set and 15 February Essential, with minor fixes that were needed.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

XXXVI. A broken heart and an egg

There's boxes and cushions, bleeding hearts and letters... there are roses and messy rugs, antique benches and scrolls of wisdom; there's even a special retired egg, the first, the centerpiece of Libertine's display at the "Broken Heart Fair".
Come visit for discounts on single items of the Quorum and Pandora sets, each for 30L and transfer and if you miss the Special Collectable Egg Number One, now is your moment to get a copy. There's a gift for you at each merchant's display and many gachas that you might not know yet.
With my best wishes for a happy Valentine's survival,

Slurl to the Event.

Some of the creations:
(Full sets available in showroom, separates at discounted price at the event)