Sunday, June 9, 2013

XVIII. Six shades of Marquis (are better than fifty)

The Marquis Set first update is finally live. It has been shipped to you, you can also use a terminal at the main showroom location for free and get:
~ 10 additional texture sets, 6 rich themes 
   (Absinthe, Nocturne, Lotus, Havana, Royale, Boudoir) 
~ 5 classic brocade and velvet themes (Red, Black, Blue, Green, Purple)Boudoir Nocturne Absinthe Havana Lotus
~ more single sits
~ more cuddles
~ more foreplay and oral fun
~ more action
~ Vampire animations

~ Foreplay and Oral separate sub menus for easier browsing.
~ All Decor and Lights come now with Copy &  Modify permission.
~ The Marquis set includes now sittable cushions, that previously were only decorative; animated with female and male ground sits, sub/gorean poses, sleep animations and female solo fun, they bring you a new entertaining prop too.  

Overall ~ Quality, usability over quantity and trying to impress. 
I keep believing it's not the number of animations in furniture but its quality and setup. More male sits too in the update (rejoice) 
Important All Furniture is Copy yes, modify no.

I've been listening to your suggestions, went on animation explorations, did test it as much as I could. There are still many things I wish to improve, to add and change but considering I did plan this update go live last summer (2012) I realise I have to juggle between different priorities often and cannot put anymore deadlines. What you'll expect for Me for sure regarding furniture, very soon, is a collaboration with a friend of Mine to bring mesh into Libertine slowly and see how it will improve the overall experience, but untill the Viscount comes to life.... you shall enjoy the Marquis.

Full set with specs also available on the Marketplace:
Or Showroom:

Since I sent the update yesterday I received unexpected notecards and messages with appreciation and supportive words, I didn't expect it and I am deeply grateful to all of you that support also this side of My creativity. Sincerely, thank you. 

In case you are not a Marquis owner, there's a special gift for you in the Fallen's group notice.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

XVII. Marquis Set at only L$100?

15 hours for your Marquis Set at only L$100?
A coming soon new Update featuring 10 additional texture themes and dozen of new animations, singles , couples, and vampire, free for who already owns it?

All true.

To get a chance of winning the Marquis set you have 15 hours to join the Madpea Carnival Raffle, buy a Ticket for 100L$ and cross fingers, remember the actual price of the Set is 4700L.
Survive the Madness Party SLurl

To get your free update of the Marquis set keep tuned those next weeks over the official blogs, channels and group notices.
~Libertine~ SLURL