Monday, April 10, 2017

XXX. Spring Eggs Collection 2017

Spring arrives with opulence of colors, shapes and scents and it brings also treasures: the New Collectable Gacha Collection of Spring eggs, now available as new release at the land of Ozimals, There's also two special edition Eggs available only for the Event, one as part of the traditional Ozimals Egg Hunt and the other, last year's edition, as a chance to win on a lucky chair. I hope you'll enjoy, good egg hunting and pleasant spring decadent treats,

A Guide for Collectable Eggs
I am planning some kind of catalogue or guide soon, but so far know this is the list of eggs:

1. "A Heart Expo" (Available on Special Occasions and February every year)
2. "Odyssey Egg" (Available on Special Occasions)
3. "Ladybun's Egg" (Personal Gift from me to my partner, might be available for RFL during Fantasy Faire)
4. "The Magic of Spring" (Gift for the Magic of Oz Spring Hunt 2016; in 2017 at Ozimals as Lucky Chair Gift, for the Egg Hunt duration only)
5-26. "Spring Eggs Gacha 2016" (Released at Magic of Oz, permanent)
27. "The Golden Delta" (Available on Special Occasions)
28-29-30. Tresor Collection, available on different tiers of Gift Card Sets.
31. "The Magic of Spring 2017" (Gift for the Magic of Oz Spring Hunt 2017)
32-58. "Spring Eggs Gacha 2017" (Released at Magic of Oz, permanent)