Friday, March 25, 2016


The Magic of Oz  Spring Hunt is back, this year with more eggs to collect and gifts for you. I am honoured to be part of the Market year long of the land that gave birth to Ozimals and for the third time of this fun Hunt with a whole collection of New Releases available just at the Oz Market and two gifts for the Hunt itself.
Hope you enjoy,

A Guide for Collectable Eggs:
I am planning some kind of catalogue or guide soon, but so far know this is the list of eggs:
1. "A Heart Expo" (Delivered to existing Libertine customers during Valentine's Day 2016)
2. "Odyssey Egg" (Available as End Prize for the Twisted Hunt 2016, ongoing)
3. "Ladybun's Egg" (Personal Gift from me and only one copy ever issued)
4. "The Magic of Oz" (Gift for the Magic of Oz Spring Hunt 2016, ongoing)
5-26. "Spring Eggs Gacha 2016" (Released at Magic of Oz, permanent)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

XXXIII. Twisted Odyssey

This year's Twisted Hunt Theme is Odyssey, so what better occasion to give you a chance to get last year's Fantasy Faires Memento if you missed it and the infamous Emperor Benches made back for The Tides (FF 2012). The Bench set is a gift during the Hunt progress, while the Memento and special Decorative Odyssey egg are Endhunt gifts. Check panels for details of each and contents. Hope you enjoy, good hunting!

Twisted Hunt official Website:
Twisted Hunt Flickr Group:

Fallen Gods Inc. Hint:
"Brothers and Sisters of Odyssey keep Guard on the Treasure."

Crosspost with Libertine:

Saturday, February 20, 2016

XXXII. The Heart of a Viscount

The Viscount is finally upgraded. Offers the same palette of 12 velvets as Justine to match your interiors and themes. The upgrade is shipped for free but if capped can be granted by clicking any casper vendor or delivery terminal.

I also took the liberty to send to all the customers of major furniture complete sets the first Libertine Collectable Egg of a new series, unofficially the Jeweled and Liaisons egg are the first ones but I am planning to make more as special items, some copy and some tradeable, in the future. It's an invite to those that might not now, to the Expo. I hope you enjoy,

Post about the Home and Garden Expo:
SLURL: Libertine at the Home and Garden Expo
Event's Official Website:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

XXXI. Love like Blood

Dear Fallen Libertine,
This is my frist year participating at the Home & Garden Expo and I Am thrilled and excited to give a more official presentation of my second brand, Libertine. I will be doing a cross post on Fallen Gods Inc.'s blog too with the same content, for those who don't know about it: .
Libertine is a Minor Furniture Brand Under the Wing of Fallen Gods Inc. that Features mostly items I create for my own enjoyment, then polish so I can share with others. Libertine allows to express my passion for Building in Second Life and love for Antiquities and Architecture.

The Expo Starts the 14 February, San Valentino, a festivity very ancient in Italy but lately embraced by all the wrong reasons by world's marketing, and I admit it amuses me. I am fascinated in general by the subtle line of taste, elegance, kitch, love, cheesy, perversion and catastrophe. Said that I am releasing a few collection of Love messages to share with who you care for the other 364 days of the year., there's also a few new releases and some old releases finally out, a hunt gift and the presentation of my first Home, Villa Ambrata, which shall be available in April (read more about it at bottom of post).

I wish you a pleasant stay.

SLURL: Libertine at the Home and Garden Expo
Event's Official Website:

Items to benefit Relay for Life & New Releases

Gacha Available at Hope 5 Gacha Area, 
Full set with Copy perms avaiable on Hope 4's Libertine's parcel.

10L For the H&G Hunt

New Releases & Re-Releases

Single elements available.

Single elements available.

About Villa Ambrata
Villa Ambrata is born as my personal Home. The Blue Print is the same but the interior layout is slightly different. The project I am offering you a preview has the addition of a second floor with two more wings and more room. What you are visiting today is a prototype and a work in progress that is planned to be released in April 2016. If you interested in the future purchase of this Home feel free to purchase a symbolic token from a stand at the Expo that will alert you when the Villa is available for Sale. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

XXX. A deal with the past

Dealing with the past, expecially when it comes in creative form, is interesting. It's why I am sharing this with you with an excuse, the Thirty Linden new year event. Out just for those days some of the past 30L Fair specials returned, 3 li sculpted rugs at 30L, a wrapped gift as 0L gift and a valentine redux bench at 60L.... plus many gifts under the tree near from me and my dearest friends.
With my best wishes for a happy new year,

Gacha Update
 Libertine Christmas Gachas are now both at Libertine's showroom where will be available till the 6th of January Included. Those Gachas are retired till next Holiday Season.
Gacha Blog Posts:
A Libertine Christmas 2015
A Libertine Christmas 2014

Tree SLurl
Showroom SLurl

Secret Update
Tomorrow, 1 pm slt...the Infamous Pengwings Party.