Monday, December 28, 2015

XXIX. A Colorful Justine

Colorful as she's intended to be, Justine is updated. It is shipped directly to you with my best wishes for a wonderful New 2016. In case the delivery doesn't reach you, you can get it by a redelivery from Casper Vendors or Redelivery terminals.
I hope you enjoy, 

~ Divan is set to phantom as best solution to fix bad mesh physics
~ Divan is now texture enabled
~ Set includes 2 textures stands with base velvets and a total of 12 color schemes
~ Rug is texture change and swaps on click between 12 colors
~ Basket cushion and drap are texture change and swaps on click between 12 colors each
~ Added table decor: Cognac decanter and glasses
~ Divan is now open to additional future texture stands sets.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

XXVIII. A Libertine Christmas 2015

A Libertine Christmas has returned, I hope it was worth waiting for the new edition. Be sure also to get your free special Ornaments from under the tree at the Event and at the Temple of Fallen Gods, and there's also a special Heaven Ball sent only with the Tree updates. Thank you for your patronage and Best Wishes for this Yule Season, 

At: The Midwinter Fair (SLurl)

Update Note
- Tree is enabled for 2014 and 2015 Gachas Ornaments and to special copy gifts and editions from the same year
- New Features include: Shimmering lights, Notes with quotes and music!
- Hold on to your Heirlooms, those will be retired after this Yule season!

To know more in detail read further:


(Only Gacha Ornaments are Listed, a variety of additional copy ornaments are also available through group gifts, gifts under the tree, updates and special events.)

~A Libertine Christmas 2015~ Gacha
The complete Gacha Includes: 3 RARES, 30 commons, 1 secret.

GLASS BALLS PACK: 9 versions, all commons

Includes Interactive, standalone and decor. (Ribbon, Display, broken)
One Heirloom Ball, to be retired after 2015 Yule Season
SILK BALLS PACK: 4 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive, standalone and wearable Lace Garters and collars.
HEART BALLS PACK: 4 versions, 3 commons + 1 Rare
Includes rezzable couple sleighs and standalone heart ornaments.
CANDLE PACKS: 4 versions
Includes Interactive and decorative with light switch and resizer
TOPPER PACKS: 4 versions, 3 commons + 1 Rare
Includes Interactive and standalone. Rare Topper enables music on tree and as standalone decor.
One Heirloom Topper, to be retired after 2015 Yule Season
MESSAGE PACKS: 4 versions, all commons
Includes 2 Interactive paper messages, standalone customizable decor card.
STARS PACK: 1 version, common
Activates star ornaments and enables the tree menu switch for animated lights.
DECOR: 4 items, 2 commons, 1 rare, 1 secret

(Scroll Down for 2014 List of Ornaments)

COMPATIBILITY: The tree is enabled to work with both 2014 and 2015 Ornaments.

UPDATES: If an update is issued be sure to undecorate the tree so your ornaments are returned to your inventory.
INTERACTIVE elements and PACKAGING are also meant as decor items.

Libertine Christmas Tree 2015 Instructions

NOTE: Only ornaments that have [Interactive] will work with the scripted system. The rest can be used for holiday decor wherever you like.


After you have rezzed your Libertine Christmas Tree, please use the following steps to decorate. 

1) Click on the Libertine Christmas Tree

2) Select 'Decorate'
3) While holding down the CTRL key, drag an [Interactve] ornament from your inventory onto the tree. When the tree is outlined in red, release your mouse button.

BALL ORNAMENTS - If the ornament you placed was a ball ornament, you can now click on the highlighted ornaments to specify where you would like the ornament to appear. You may place as many copies as you desire. Clicking one ornament will change a pair of ornaments. There are 35 pairs of ornaments.

CANDLES - The first time you add candles to the Libertine Christmas Tree, matching candles will appear all over the tree. If you later add a second set, you can change some of the candles in the same way as BALL ORNAMENTS above. Clicking one candle will change a group of candles. There are four groups.

TOPPERS - The first time you add a topper to the tree, it will appear automatically. If you later add another topper, it will replace the first and the first topper will be returned to you.

MUSICAL TOPPERS (New for 2015!) - If you have a musical topper, your tree will begin to loop music.  A "Volume" button will be added to the menu to adjust loudness or disable the music entirely. 

MESSAGES (New for 2015!) - These decorative paper messages work similar to ball ornaments, but once placed, anyone can click on them (when not in decorating mode) to read an inspirational quote. If you are the owner of the tree, you may replace each message paper with your own custom quotes for others to read!

STAR LIGHTS (New for 2015!) - Bring your tree to life with the Star Light decoration. Once applied, your tree will be decorated with golden stars, and the strings of lights will animate in a soothing pattern.

4) When you are done, click on the base of the tree to turn off the highlighting, or wait for the timer to run out.


Decorate - See "Decorating The Tree"

Undecorate - Return all no-copy ornaments to you and reset the tree.
Adjust - Allows you to cycle through ornaments you have already placed by clicking on ball ornaments and candles.
Resize - Gives options to resize the tree, making it larger or smaller. Note: Land Impact will increase as the size of the tree increases.
Volume - Set the music volume anywhere from 1-10 or "Off" (Only visible when a musical topper is attached)
Lights:Anim - Set the strings of lights into animated mode (Only visible when star light is added)
Lights:Static - Stop the strings of lights from animating (Only visible when star light is added)
Rewrite - Shown to owner only when a message paper is touched. Use this option to replace the default quote with one of your own that others can see by touching. Please note a version 2.4 compliant viewer is required to rewrite quotes.

Scripting by Xavian Starsider

Concept, Design and execution by Alia Baroque
Non exclusive quality mesh templates used for the set.
Exclusive quality custom made texturing and concept.

The Libertine Christmas 2014 Post

~A Libertine Christmas 2014~ Gacha

The complete Gacha Includes: 2 RARES, 23 commons, 1 secret.

GLASS BALLS PACK: 9 versions, all commons

Includes Interactive, standalone and decor. (Holly, Display, broken)
SILK BALLS PACK: 4 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive, standalone and wearable Ball Gags
HEART BALLS PACK: 4 versions, 3 commons + 1 Rare
Includes standalone and rezzable couple rugs with cushion
CANDLE PACKS: 4 versions
Includes Interactive and decorative with light switch and resizer
TOPPER PACKS: 4 versions, all commons
Includes Interactive and standalone
DECOR: 4 items, 2 commons, 1 rare, 1 secret

Friday, October 2, 2015

XXVII. Viscount

Vicomte de Valmont: You see, I have no intention of breaking down her prejudices. I want her to believe in God and virtue and the sanctity of marriage, and still not be able to stop herself. I want the excitement of watching her betray everything that's is most important to her. Surely you understand that. I thought betrayal was your favorite word.
Marquise de Merteuil: No, no..."cruelty." I always think that has a nobler ring to it.

The Viscount, in rich red lounge set open to updates with color scheme additions, made by a mix of original mesh by Atelier Visconti plus non exclusive props and decor in mesh and sculpt.Full rezzed set includes Couch (8li), Armchair (5li), candles, tables, texture change rug, all for a total of 38 li. ready in a click with a provided rezzer. A variety of given props is included, yes copy, no mod and no transfer. Adult and mature editions Included. Free Updates.

Only at ROMP.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

XXVI. Diplomacy


Green Rose Manor - Eternal Love Quest
Start February 1st,  2015
Green Rose Manor - Eternal Love is a tricky quest game about eternal love that challenges you to solve riddles and search for various items and uncover the mystery of the Green Rose Manor. And once again the makers of the Dandelion Daydreams Factory ask you : Are you brave enough?

Starts here:

And you can preview it here:

Dandelion Daydreams Factory 
What is that ?
Home to Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Lilith's Den, [ Oblivion ], The Wishbringer
Home of the " Crazy Girls" : Alrunia Ahn, Kyra Reiter, Luna Barak

Saturday, January 31, 2015

XXV. Justine Released

Dear Libertine, 
It's been 4 years since my first release, the Marquis Set, and finally I have the pleasure to present you a new creature of mine: Justine. But who is Justine?
A servant of your pleasure, an embracing lover, a dominating Queen: limited only by your imagination, Justine provides shelter of senses to 12 individuals that can divide themselves in 5 play groups of which two accomodate 3. 
Justine is a dome, a group coven, a playground or a home port. Only you can define how she will enrich your second being, only you can give her life. Choose the way you wish Justine to speak and she will accomodate you, with the best wishes of many good moments from your Blind game master.~Libertine’s Justine will be enabled with more colours in future updates.
Hope you enjoy, 

Alia Baroque

Libertine Main Showroom:

ADULT Libertine's Justine Playroom (Zindra)

More Previews:

Here under is a documentary in 6 parts about why it's called Justine and further down a view on sexuality and erotica I share with a ted talk, good watch and good SL fun!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

XXIV. The Misfortunes of Virtue

Not suitable, not ready. Not usable, not adapt. Inept, untrained to serve more than 5 still, Justine is not ready. After harsh training and a preparation of weeks she's not yet suitable to serve someone of your caliber, and for that I apologize. I will improve and strengthen my methods in those few next days to have her ready as soon as possible, till then please accept my excuses and a token of her servitude. 

Justine is not ready yet, and am very disappointed to comunicate she won't be available at the ending drops of the Coutndown Room this round, but.... Do not forget there are two appetizers at half price from me and many amazing decadent creations to inspire you from other wonderful creators.
Justine will be ready, and am quite sure about that, this next week, but the gowns featured in those pictures, fur, collars and nipple piercings are yours to get already at:

"The Countdown Room: Make Me Blush"

Gown: *{Junbug}* The Baroness [Gothic]
Fur: *May's Soul* Morrigan fur grey
Gown: [FAIDA] Courtesan 
Neck chains: LUAS Ashanti Golden
Nipple Piercings: The Horror!~ Princess Piercing (Gold)
Couch: Libertine's Justine (ineptly unreleased still)
Bracier: Libertine's (half price together with the Key at the Countdown Room)
Location: Libertine's Manor, Ambar.

If you Purchased the Key to Justine and Bracier you will receive a gift, check your inventory for: ~Libertine~ The Misfortunes of Virtue, Gift [BOX]

Sunday, January 11, 2015

XXIII. The Key to Justine

Get your Appetizers at half price and know when Justine is released, she'll be coming soon, midweek, at the Countdown room.

By purchasing the Table and Fire Bowl, which are discounted at half price, you will also get a notecard when the Set is available for sale. Thank you again for checking out and I hope I'll provide you with more decadence soon.

"The Countdown Room: Make Me Blush"