Wednesday, December 17, 2014

XXII. A Libertine Christmas

"A Libertine Christmas" is a Gacha that features interactive and decorative elements for each piece, it's quite a huge project I've been working this past month and I had a big help from my friend Xavian Starsider in scripting the tree and making my idea come to life. I always enjoy participating at the Midwinter Fair, not only because it's held by my dear friend Titania but also because every year it inspires me to create something new for Libertine. Some new warmth, some rugs for under the tree, a personal way to decorate your home, thats' what I bring you hoping you'll enjoy, 

I am participating to the fair also as Fallen Gods Inc. but you'll notice am late due mostly for testing the tree, I shall have my tattoos done for tomorrow so keep an eye!
I almost forgot! Am sending you a courtesy Ball as gift trough the group (Fallen Gods Inc. as always)


~A Libertine Christmas~ Gacha
The complete Gacha Includes: 2 RARES, 26 commons, 1 secret.
(I mistaken the number in the packaged note for less)

Gacha: 30L$
Base Decoratable tree (copy):30L$

GLASS BALLS PACK: 9 versions, all commons
Each Pack includes Interactive, standalone and decor Ball. (Holly,display, broken)
SILK BALLS PACK: 4 versions, all commons
Each Pack includes interactive, standalone and wearable Ball Gags.
HEART BALLS PACK: 4 versions, 3 commons + 1 Rare
Each pack includes standalone ornament and rezzable couple rugs with cushion.
CANDLE PACKS: 4 versions
Each pack includes interactive and decorative with light switch and resizer.
TOPPER PACKS: 4 versions, all commons
Each pack includes interactive and standalone ornament.
DECOR: 4 items, 2 commons, 1 rare, 1 secret

Here's a Guide by Xavian to explain you how it works:

~Interactive Christmas Tree Instructions~
NOTE: Only ornaments that have [Interactive] will work with the scripted system. The rest can be used for holiday decor wherever you like.

After you have rezzed your Libertine Christmas Tree, please use the following steps to decorate. 
1) Click on the Libertine Christmas Tree
2) Select 'Decorate'
3) While holding down the CTRL key, drag an [Interactive] ornament from your inventory onto the tree. When the tree is outlined in red, release your mouse button.

BALL ORNAMENTS - If the ornament you placed was a ball ornament, you can now click on the highlighted ornaments to specify where you would like the ornament to appear. You may place as many copies as you desire. Clicking one ornament will change a pair of ornaments. There are 35 pairs of ornaments.

CANDLES - The first time you add candles to the Libertine Christmas Tree, matching candles will appear all over the tree. If you later add a second set, you can change some of the candles in the same way as BALL ORNAMENTS above. Clicking one candle will change a group of candles. There are four groups.

TOPPERS - The first time you add a topper to the tree, it will appear automatically. If you later add another topper, it will replace the first and the first topper will be returned to you.

4) When you are done, click on the base of the tree to turn off the highlighting, or wait for the timer to run out.

Decorate - See "Decorating The Tree"
Undecorate - Return all no-copy ornaments to you and reset the tree.
Adjust - Allows you to cycle through ornaments you have already placed by clicking on ball ornaments and candles.
Resize - Gives options to resize the tree, making it larger or smaller. Note: Land Impact will increase as the size of the tree increases.

Scripted by Xavian Starsider

Saturday, December 13, 2014

XXI. Pandora

Libertine is always slightly awake around Yule, the need for warmth and rest calls velvet and wood to create something new every year, so this december I am offering you a whole Libertine Christmas. Starting the season are a set of simple new rugs in rich red and the Pandora Yule Edition of giftable boxes, available as set and singles (inworld).
And don't forget there's gifts for you under the tree at the Temple below.
Hope you enjoy,

Fallen Gods Inc. SLurl (Yule gifts tree)

Marketplace Listings:

"Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."
Oscar Wilde