Saturday, January 2, 2016

XXX. A deal with the past

Dealing with the past, expecially when it comes in creative form, is interesting. It's why I am sharing this with you with an excuse, the Thirty Linden new year event. Out just for those days some of the past 30L Fair specials returned, 3 li sculpted rugs at 30L, a wrapped gift as 0L gift and a valentine redux bench at 60L.... plus many gifts under the tree near from me and my dearest friends.
With my best wishes for a happy new year,

Gacha Update
 Libertine Christmas Gachas are now both at Libertine's showroom where will be available till the 6th of January Included. Those Gachas are retired till next Holiday Season.
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Tree SLurl
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Secret Update
Tomorrow, 1 pm slt...the Infamous Pengwings Party.