Sunday, February 17, 2013

XV. Genre ~ Gor

(Double Post on Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine Blog)
Legends, Libertine for Gor, unexpected, really?
Without going in too much detail on how I know certain things and why I didn't do the usual slave furring material... I hope you enjoy My take at a Warrior Hall reunion table.

Every Genre creation will be a new release and unique for the month it lasts available only at Genre Location then sold at the Temple.

About Genre: 
Genre is a new monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL. With so many creators designing for these special communities, it was high time that they had an event of their own, not only bringing them and their talents to the general populace of SL, but also at a price everyone can afford.  Each month a specific genre is chosen along with a theme to help inspire and unify the designers in their creations, with a price cap of 100L per item.  Starting on the 15th of every month and ending on the 12th, people will have a lil less than a month to visit the event.