Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Libertine started as a practical idea a year ago, though it was in my mind since long. I am not sure exactly the shape it will take, if more erotic oriented or more driven to classical art and decor; if it will be a furniture only minor line of Fallen Gods Inc. or also include some builds. What I am certain about it is that I'll follow a personal taste and share things I will basically build for myself or how I would like them to be.
Recently I opened the Buildings & Furniture area on Selidor, as part of Fallen Gods Inc. driven more by the style of some structures since fitting the fantasy aura with time my main brand got recognized with, but I also feel the desire to create a separate line to express a very precise concept and atmosphere, that will also be adult oriented. I do enjoy a lot the mystical and fantasy driven possibilities second life creative expression can allow, as also enjoy recreating with a personal twist an era I was always fond of, the modern era that includes the XVI, XVII and early XVIII centuries, which I guess can be seen mixing often in my builds.
I could say much more, but would like this introduction brief and leave space for further development as time goes on, for now here is Libertine's first official release and a reminder about the Hardcore Hunt.