Thursday, October 6, 2011


I've been lucky to find in my favourite bookstore a very nice and pretty cheap Taschen edition of erotic illustrations through History. Till now had to relay on personal research of singles or past editions, used books deep diving and so on, just to get a few prints of a certain nature. Erotica Universalis is a wonderful collection of some antiquities that for once doesn't focus only on De Sade's Justine prints or Aretino's; amusing, interesting or exciting, and often all those together, that can be a small summary to start with to expand then your research if you are as me a fan of the genre. Also, due to the CTEA, I might use a few for home decor and detailing patterns on some things am building (if I find them shared on wikis and official sites) which can add an interesting: "Oh look, there's a Satyr humping a Nymph" exclamation we all love. Here's a link to the Taschen informations page.